The Best Bird Toys

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Birds can give some headache to people who leave them alone for too long, because they are very smart, and have to be caged. Imagine if you were locked in a blank room all day, with nothing to do. You’d go stir crazy within minutes, and birds are no different. While puppies and kittens can roam around the house and the outdoors, birds are stuck.

In order to keep their crafty little minds from trying to escape the cage and wreak havoc on your house, you need to get them some bird toys. However, they aren’t like dogs or cats that at least experiment with any new toy you put in front of them. Birds are smart enough to have their own tastes and likes, so if they don’t like a toy, they won’t play with the bird toys delaran nj.

So, you need to be thoughtful in the type of toys you give your feathered friend, and take the time to get a wide variety. Your birds don’t need to be bored, so buy five or six toys and rotate them week to week. Toys can include moving perches and posts, a chewing toy so they can fiddle with knots and blocks, and you can even make painted popsicle sticks. Those things will get your bird hours of fun, and allow you to figure out how long toys are likely to last.

Just keep in mind that birds are destructive, and whatever toys you get them might not last all that long, especially if your birds are big. But they aren’t that expensive, and if you keep them stimulated with toys and other items, then they happily play in their cages and be happy when you aren’t around. You can buy or make your own toys, so be creative!