3 Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Hair with Heat

Heat damage can be a bummer – especially when you have to work to correct the damage. If you want to avoid damaging your locks, here are some tips for keeping hair healthy.

Heat Protectant

This may seem like common sense, but before applying any heat to your hair you should use a heat protectant. It’s sort of like sunscreen for your hair, keeping it from feeling the damaging effects of your styling cool and locking in your color if your hair has been dyed. You can find a natural heat protectant for your hair if you look around a bit, giving you the protection you need while styling your hair.

natural heat protectant

One & Done

If you’re planning on using something hot to straighten your hair, it’s best not to continuously run it over your hair over and over again. You may feel as though you’re making your hair become straighter or reinforcing your style, but you could actually be damaging your hair. Be sure that your styling tool is set to the correct temperature and you can straighten your hair going over each section of hair just once.

Get the Temp Right

Even if you use heat protectant or some other protective measure for your hair, you need to be sure that are straightening your hair with the right temperature. It may seem logical to set the straightener to the highest setting, but you could damage your hair significantly. If your hair is thinner, you should keep the temperature lower. If you have hair that is thicker or curly, use temperatures between 200 or 300 degrees.

You can keep your hair healthy while styling it the way you want. If you take advantage of these expert tips and change up your hair routine, keeping the hair protected and avoiding heat damage, you can have beautiful hair without worrying about split ends and other kinds of damage.